“We used HHN a few months back when my family got sick. It was an absolute blessing. The homeopath who worked with us helped my husband tremendously. If not for her, I don’t know what would have happened to my husband. He had a severe case.”  – Irina P.

“I can’t emphasize enough what a CRUCIAL and important initiative this is! It has helped friends, extended family of mine, myself, and my family. I foresee many new Homeopathy lovers being harvested through this wonderful work! I am so thankful for them…beyond words! I recommend HHN to whomever will listen…” – Yael M.T.

“I am from Israel. I was diagnosed with Lymphoma and am fresh out of chemo & biological treatments and have a very weak immune system. My husband has high BP and ventricular hypertrophy. My mother who lives with us has high blood pressure, lung issues, and sleep apnea. HIGH RISK for the virus all around!! So, when I realized we were having symptoms it was scary. We contacted HHN which accompanied us throughout our symptoms, advising us on remedies to match our ever-changing and developing symptoms. Their dedication, care, and devotion to help us through the process gave us confidence and peace. We ALL made it through without ever needing medical intervention or hospital!! I cannot emphasize enough how greatful we are for their assistance! They also assisted my brother and his family, in the US, through their virus symptoms and they bounced back in no time. In times like these where hospitals are overwhelmed and when many people are afraid to go there because of fear of catching something else all together, this service is a safe and a crucial one to keep people’s symptoms from evolving and escalating to a more serious state! Thank you HHN! – Anonymous

“I just used HHN for the first time for another issue with my kids and the homeopath I worked with was so kind and patient! I was super happy with her help!” – Jordan L.

At the very end of my pregnancy, I became incredibly ill. I was desperately looking for some relief from my symptoms using only methods safe for pregnancy. I completed a HHN intake form and was contacted by Tracy, a HHN Homeopath, shortly after. She was incredibly easy to talk to and made sure to gather as much pertinent information from me as possible. Then she formulated a remedy specific to my needs. I experienced improvement of my symptoms within a day and continued to improve over the next few days. Because of Tracy and HHN, I was able to recover from my illness just in time to give birth to a beautiful baby girl! I am so grateful for the help I received. Thank you Tracy! Larkin E.

“I can’t recommend Meg enough. She did a detailed interview, went to great lengths to help me track down the remedy she recommended, and then checked in with me regularly and gave advice on dose adjustments until I was back to feeling 100% again! I’m very grateful to Meg and the Homeopathy Help Network for the amazing service they are providing for people with viral symptoms; it helped me enormously.” – Emilie C.

I just wanted to thank Tanya for all of her help through my illness! You communicated so well with my wife to find remedies for my symptoms which changed frequently. So thank you I’m on the mend and finally starting to feel like myself. It’s been a long 3 weeks! You are always appreciated by our family! -Nathan B. 

“Just wanted to give a shout-out to homeopathyhelpnow.com. My mother in law has symptoms (lack of smell, extreme lassitude, some coughing…) and since she is 70 and unfamiliar with homeopathy, I did not feel confident taking her case. A homeopath has been in contact with me and my father in law. Today we gave her a remedy and her improvement is so encouraging! She went from deathly pale and unable to lift herself when I arrived to pink lips, eating a bowl of soup, and even walking on her own by this evening, saying she felt good! One thing to note- they were glad I did not try any remedies before contacting them. (It can blur the picture.) I definitely recommend contacting this group if you ever need them! 💕” —Steph from Texas

I was very sick back in June 2020 and I called my doctor and had a video consultation.  During the consultation the doctor asked if I had ever considered Homeopathic medicine and I confessed to not knowing much about it but not being opposed to it either.  The doctor said that she had recommended Homeopathy Help Now to a couple of other patients with very good results so she gave me the web site and I logged in and set up an appointment.  One thing I found interesting was that Homeopathy Help Now did not charge anything for their services.  They do “ask” for a $40 donation which is totally reasonable. I received a text from a “Rebekah” who said she would be my Homeopath and we set up a phone call and during that call I gave Rebekah a run-down of what I was going through, in detail.  Rebekah listened attentively and asked a few questions.  At the end she said she would consult with the other Homeopaths about my symptoms and she would get back to me.  Rebekah got back to me quickly with a solution and even though I didn’t know where to find what she prescribed she reached out to another Homeopath who lived in my neighborhood and that person hand delivered me something that helped me get through a very tough time. I consulted with Rebekah every morning and evening with updates on my condition and she guided me to a pretty quick recovery.  I really loved my text and phone conversations with Rebekah and found her to be very warm, compassionate and knowledgeable.  I am not a religious person but I always think of Rebekah as my Angel.  I’m not sure I would have gotten through this issue without her help. Once I was feeling better I had no problem making a nice donation to Homeopathy Help Now.  I highly recommend their services and I can’t tell you how thankful I am to Rebekah. – Mike M

I cannot recommend or thank Meg Smith enough for helping myself and family on several occasions with different remedies to help us feel better! She is very thorough, considerate, knowledgeable, relatable, and understanding, always making me feel comfortable with health issues. She helped my daughter when no one else could and I am forever grateful. I have referred many people to her, and will continue to work with her in the future. She is an asset to the Homeopathy community! – Kathy C., IL

I was feeling incredibly sick and only getting worse.  My wife encouraged me to reach out to HHN.  Our practitioner, Rachel, was incredibly attentive, kind, and sympathetic.  She asked a lot of great questions and just listened for a long time (a far cry from almost any doctor visits I’ve had). Over a 2-3 day period she spent a lot of her time listening and was able to offer the right remedy that made me feel better almost overnight.  On top of that, she was able to connect me with another individual nearby who had the remedy that I needed but didn’t have!  Overall the care and support through HHN was incredible and helped me feel better almost immediately.  I have suggested HHN to other family members and friends and will continue to do so.  – Brian P, PA

Amy at Homeopathy Help Now helped me with an acute health situation in the spring of 2020. She was so helpful, responsive, knowledgeable and kind.  I felt in great hands immediately – and knowing that she was part of a brilliant team of homeopaths who were helping many other patients experiencing similar symptoms was very comforting.  Appropriate but hard-to-find remedies were delivered right to my home, within a very short time, by a team of supportive people.  Angels, really.  I felt better very quickly, and the beautiful sense of being cared for by a whole community was part of the healing. – Ellen N.

I contacted Homeopathy Help Now early on on behalf of my friend & her husband. The 70 yo male, John, was diagnosed by his physician w/Bilateral pneumonia & decreasing O2 saturation levels.  His physician said if he didn’t show improvement soon he would have to admit him to the hospital.  John was exceptionally fatigued, coughing frequently & found it difficult to take a deep breath.  His wife, Laura, was anxious, had decreased appetite & was very fearful given John’s rapidly deteriorating status.  She now reports she had other symptoms e.g.  some mild GI issues, but at the time, did not report them as she did not relate to potentially Covid.  Rebekah recommended a homeopathic remedy for each of them which I delivered to them in exact format as indicated.  Contact w/Rebekah was maintained  & remedies adjusted accordingly.  John quickly & steadily improved w/increasing O2 saturation, decreased fatigue, remittance of cough & breathing difficulty.  Within THREE days he was able to ride his bicycle around  the block & shortly after he returned to work.  Laura also improved w/o notable sequelae. I am a health professional & I am convinced Rebekah’s recommendations  saved John from being admitted to the hospital and worse, particularly  given the Bilateral pneumonia & decreasing O2 saturation levels.  – Nancy S.