Homeopathy Support When You Need It.

Are you or a loved one sick and need support?

Homeopathy Help Network can help.

We specialize in:

Free and Low Cost Homeopathy Care: Our sliding scale consult fees help to sustain the volunteer acute clinic and further the mission of HOHM Foundation to provide free and low-cost homeopathy care for those who need it.

Research: All cases are contributing to a large-scale clinical-outcomes survey designed to support International research in the clinical efficacy of homeopathy. To consent to care with HHN is to consent to the anonymized information from my case to be used for academic and research purposes.

Acute Care: If you can afford to pay $40 for a short-term illness (acute) consult, we ask that you select that option on your consult request below. There are also other sliding fee options for those who need financial assistance. Remedies are not included. At times a situation can appear to be acute but the most appropriate care will be better provided with a broader scope consultation even if the symptom time frame is shorter than 2 months. If this occurs, the fee structure will be clearly explained by email.

Chronic Care: If you are looking for long-term illness (chronic) support please select this option in the form below. Chronic symptoms are symptoms that you have been experiencing for 2-months or longer. An acute request may be assessed as needing chronic care instead of acute care even if the symptoms are less than 2 months old. We offer high-quality chronic care in 3-tiers:

  1. AHE Student Practitioner Under Supervision: $150 / $40 Follow ups
  2. AHE Graduate (non-certified): $200 / $60 Follow ups
  3. Certified Classical Homeopath: $250 / $75 Follow ups

Our Team: Some of the practitioners participating in our clinic are students attending the Academy of Homeopathy Education (AHE) working under the supervision of a Certified Classical Homeopath.

Regular Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM Eastern Time

If we have availability on the weekend, our volunteer admin and practitioners will do their best to contact you

People Helped
“We used HHN a few months back when my family got sick. It was an absolute blessing. The homeopath who worked with us helped my husband tremendously. If not for her, I don’t know what would have happened to my husband. He had a severe case.”